Your Life Concerning Me

by Ruïneer

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Ethan Venable Perfect for those nights alone looking up at the sky and dreaming.
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released October 27, 2015

'Your Life Concerning Me' was written and recorded by Caressa Coy
All instruments arranged and performed by Caressa Coy
Produced on GarageBand (Version 10.0.3).



all rights reserved


Ruïneer San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Obsidian
High up obsidian, down
High up obsidian, down

He said, leave your mother behind

He said, I'll make you mine
I said, you'll be mine
Track Name: Requisition
In my dreams, I see you
In my dreams, you love me too
In your bed, you were listening
Kissing my hands, was I dreaming?

I was once so childlike
Colourful, beautiful, and bright
Now all I see reflecting
Is oblivion staring back at me

Your lips on my cheek
Could save my life
Your voice it was sweet
Until I forget what it's like

Please come home
Please come home to me

I'll be waiting
Track Name: 0127
Silly of me to think that I would've spent the night in your bed
Instead alone in mine I guess I'll spend
My birthday scheduling my therapy appointment
Is it okay to be this lonely?
At least I'm writing again.

I imagine you showing up to my house in the morning
It makes my mind ache I realise I'm torturing
Myself with these fantasies
But the thought of seeing you again makes me so unfathomably

But they're just fantasies that's all
But they're just fantasies that's all
But they're just fantasies that's all it's in my head
But they're just fantasies alone in my bed
Track Name: Ginger and The Sea
I ask why and I wait and I wait
This grief has stricken me like a parade
Through my heart, you walk on
Tell me how you've walked on

You've ruined me for any lover
I will never be whole again
This is my cursed reality
I will never love anyone as much as I love you

You are killing me
I cannot breathe
Eight years and you're still killing me
Like ginger and the sea
You're still killing me
Track Name: Tastes Like Loss
If I could battle this moment
Because I know I would miss it
Beyond words on my way home
In the night, when I'm alone

I lost myself to time and love
What more is there to fear?
I find myself meandering around
Each prayer is ever more loud

Am I aware of my own thoughts?
In a tunnel, at the beach, on a leash
There is one, waiting for me
But it's never who I need it to be

We're not sorry for falling out of love
We're not sorry for falling in love

You're dying and we're watching
Now I'm dying and you're watching
And there's an answer, maybe a lie

Tastes like loss
But I feel nothing
Track Name: ella
I lay my heart to rest
On the elevator down
As I rescind into the forest
I will bring the light and the courage
We will lay in the needles
Chanting your name
Echoes in my heart
I will become frightened
As I sin, my frozen breath on my lips
And the pendulum in which it sits
Let my body live

To another soul I may give
You sleep now
Track Name: Thoughts of You
Do you remember what it's like
To be tender, with another?
I try to capture your breathing
In a bottle for the way home

And if you can, take the other way
It pains me to say, I don't know
Oh, in the sea
Where my thoughts of you lie

Haunting, feeling
That's where thoughts of you lie
Heartache, reeling
That's where thoughts of you lie
Track Name: Dear C,
Dear C,

I'm sorry, please forgive me
May your heart grow, so that
Not even, the strongest winds
Of sadness could break you
Or carry your love for truth away

When you look back you'll laugh
At how much time you wasted
I'll never stop loving you
In the way old lovers do

Maybe we'll meet again
But we both know we won't

It's not easy to be free
Your life concerning me
It will hurt when I disappear
But you are stronger than that

You're living a lie
You gotta wake up

-Everyone you ever loved