August EP

by Ruïneer

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released December 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Ruïneer San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The Clearing
If I stop loving you
Would I die too?
With secret eyes
He's watching you

If the wheels turn over
And the fire is smoldered
Will He come for you?

Mother Earth's mighty hand
Forged by strength on this land
Pass your power to my heart

Keep off which tries to pass
To impart the Devil's pain
That it may not come again
The Devil's pain
Track Name: August
In the mist, in the night, the opera sang
And I feel alive, in the night, your name rang
Who can win?

Alive, alive
A summer alive
Alive, alive
A summer at home

Tonight, we will be alone
Tonight, who am I to you?
Who can win?

Alive, alive
A summer alive
Alive, alive
A summer at home

But I'm cold
I'm weak
And I tremble as I speak
I'm wasteful and tired
I fall through your hands
But thank God I'm not a liar
I'm meek and I'm sorry
As I hide in your sheets
And break free from desire
Like a child free from harm
What's it like to be a child free from harm?
I never have
Track Name: Endless Knot
To stand further away
To separate the days
And the part of you that stays
In a different life

I can hear them now
Memories funneling down
That part of you remains
Echoing in a different life

To see you love someone
To see you love someone

I'm drowning in a different life
Loving you in a different life